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11 August

Camping Checklist Your To Do List For Camping}

Camping Checklist – Your To Do List For Camping


Darren Lintern

If you’re just starting out with camping, you are to be envied. There’s nothing like preparing for one of the world’s best adventures, feeling fresh and brimming with excitement. There are the seasoned campers that are able to tell you everything you could possibly need to know about sites, what to include on your camping checklist, what to look out for and what to wear. But with only a modest amount of camping knowledge, you can still easily get started on the road.

It will be necessary to spend some time on researching the necessary gear. Taking a lightweight, robust tent, and a great sleeping bad is essential. The present materials and designs will offer a variety of impressive options. Nowadays, you are not restricted to just sleeping in a tent. You can now opt to stay in your motor vehicle, or you may have a preference for a local motel.

Having a Recreational Vehicle (RV’s) are an ideal solution, but the larger Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) can make a nice ‘hard shell tent’. RV’s are often available in a variety of sizes with some having sufficient space to act as a long term mobile homes. The small basic models will still provide enough room to sleep two in comfort, yet still be equipped with running water, a stove, and a fitted TV for those that just can’t leave it behind.

As cooking outdoors is often a challenge, take the time to investigate the best stove. It’s generally easier to take advantage of the Coleman fuel stove or the two-burner propane. Lamps will also be an important item of kit, so look out for some LED flashlights and lamps.

Depending on the locating of the campsite you’ve selected, you may or may not have access to cell phones or wireless internet. Look into purchasing a good GPS device, if you concern about getting lost in the wilderness. Get familiar with device before leaving as this will allow you to recognize your surroundings when the unit is put to use.

Doing a little advance planning, will certainly save you a lot of headaches along the way. As camping is becoming increasingly popular, make certain that any reservations for your prefer location are booked well in advance. When doing your research, do more than simply pin-pointing a destination. Try to get an idea of the weather forecast, look into the native wildlife you’ll likely to encounter, and find out about any poisonous plants that are best to avoid.

There’s no need to restrict your choices to just within the U.S., if that’s where your located. There are many great camping sites all around the world. Canada has some of the most spectacular mountains, forests, and lakes anywhere. Also, there are hundreds of European destinations that have been a camper’s delight for generations.

Whether you have a preference for somewhere like sunny Greece or Portugal you’ll have a variety of choices. It could be that you prefer the Black Forest region of Germany, or the same named region in Russia. The UK has hundreds of different campsite in some of the most diverse scenery of any country.

Don’t delay preparing your camping checklist until you’ll just about to get going. Get to grips with the basics, then head out and gain some practical experience.

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Camping Checklist – Your To Do List For Camping