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27 December

Shimano Trevala: One Of The Best Shimano Rods

By Robert Feuring

The Shimano rods are perhaps among the world’s most sought-after fishing rods. For the past years, Shimano Incorporated has come up with newer creations that have made its line of fishing equipment more interesting. From mainstream and conventional rods, the company recently released some of the market’s best fishing rods. Among these are the Shimano Trevala series, which are perfect for butterfly jigging. The main highlights of the fishing rods of Shimano are its warranty, affordable value, and high quality. The popularity of Shimano Trevala and other models of Shimano fishing rods is owed to the outstanding design and management of these fishing equipment. Whether you want to go saltwater or freshwater fishing, you can get a superior-caliber fishing rod from Shimano.

Avail of Shimano Rods and Reels Combination

While you can shop for Shimano Trevala fishing rods, it is possible for you to buy a fishing rod together with other high-quality fishing equipment from the manufacturer. There are several participating fishing tackle dealers that are selling Shimano rods in combination with Shimano reels. The best thing about this type of product is that you already have a set of excellent Shimano fishing devices. As a matter of fact, there are several anglers that are buying reel and rod combos for professional big game fishing. As of the current times, there are already a huge number of fishermen choosing to buy Shimano Trevala rods and other fishing rod models from Shimano. These anglers and fishermen come from different parts of the globe such as Europe, Asia, and North America.

Fish with Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods

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The Shimano company introduces the Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods, is perfect for jig fishing. Compared to traditional types of bait that bob horizontally on the seas, jigs move in zigzag or butterfly-like motions. Jigs have two purposes:

1. Action – it attracts or lures fishes that are searching for food.

2. Reaction – startles other fishes, making them attack the jig or lure due to its jerky motions.

Shimano Trevala rods for jigging make sure that you are able to prevent fishing line tangling. What is more, it is made from a material that is capable of enduring heavy catch dragging. Because of the graphite component of the Shimano Trevala series, the fishing rods are lightweight. Despite the light weight of the rods, they are still durable and capable of resisting the drag of huge fishes like sharks or tuna.

The Advantages of Shimano Trevala Rods for Jigging

Perhaps one the best advantages that you can get from Shimano Trevala rods for jigging is that you can catch fishes up to a depth of more than 500 feet. This means that you can go far out into the sea if you want to engage in big game fishing. Another advantage that you can get from Shimano Trevala rods series is their durability. These fishing rods are made from IM-8 graphite, which makes the rods ultra light. The graphite material also makes the rods perform well, even under the heaviest-duty fishing.

The market of fishing rods offers different models from several manufacturers of fishing equipment. Whatever type of Shimano fishing rod you want to shop for, the best sources are found online. One of these is Sea Isle Tackle.

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