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17 July

Kitchen Cabinets Extra Things For Islands

By Rob Carlton

When it comes to eating and cooking, kitchen islands choices are very varied. Adding one to your kitchen is a super way to obtain the extra space you may need. However, you should consider all the available options before installing one. You should visit showrooms, and look at Internet and magazine pictures first.

Secondly, ask yourself why you need an island for. Is it for food preparation and cooking? How often will you need to use it? Do you need extra space for seating and eating your meals? Will it be used on a daily basis or just when company comes? Do you need an extra storage area with kitchen cabinets, drawers and a countertop? In fact, all these will help you choose which island you need.

If you do a lot of cooking, adding a cook top as a feature is a great idea. You can choose between Jenn Aire, gas or electric surfaces. In fact, if your current burners limit your cooking needs then this will be a great help. Alternatively, you may prefer to install a cook top and a separate double oven. If you bake a lot then an extra oven is perfect.

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What about adding a fry cooker to your island? This is a quick way to fry our food in an alternate cooking space. You can also add a sink to wash your vegetables and fruit, or just to have easy cleaning facilities closer at hand.

Your island will be more functional if you add electrical outlets. This will allow you to plug in a blender or mixer when cooking. You can install outlets at one end or both ends, dependent on what you need. When you are entertaining guests you can plug in a CD player for background music.

An extra countertop, built into your island, gives you extra space to bake or cook. The one you decide upon is essential if you need it for these reasons. If rolling dough or preparing foods directly on the countertop, materials such as granite and Corian are good choices. If you prefer not to do food preparation directly on your surface, adding a butcher block will also help.

If you need an extra eating space then the island is great. All you need is a countertop that hangs over the main island by an extra foot or more, and then you can get some stools and have a practical eating spot. It is very practical for morning breakfasts and coffee, or having extra space when guests or other family members arrive. Everyone can congregate in the kitchen and eat.

If you have the space within your existing kitchen, a big island can help accommodate both eating and cooking areas. By simply extending both or just one end of your countertop, your cooking area can be put in the center. Alternatively, you can keep your cooking space at one level and your eating space on an upper level with a multileveled island.

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