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14 November

Thai forces on alert for second anniversary of Narathiwat armoury raids

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Two years on from the raids that signalled the start of what is generally accepted to be a separatist campaign in the south of Thailand, military forces in the area remain on alert for a repeat of the daring raid that saw four soldiers killed and over 400 guns stolen.

The raid on Ratchanakharin army camp in Narathiwat Province announced the most recent expression of nationalistic beliefs in the predominantly Muslim provinces that once made up the Malay Sultinate of Pattani, insurgency action since that time has seen over 1,000 killed, mainly through attacks allegedly made by insurgents. One of the most significant aspects of the raid was that it provided arms for the insurgency movement. According to the government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the movement is home-grown and does not include foreign fighters. This significant supply of arms and ammunition has allowed a considerable number of attacks such as drive-by shootings, and efforts to recover the stolen weapons have had minimal success with only ten or less of the guns reportedly recovered.

Despite the majority of casualties having been caused by the insurgents, inexperience in handling a modern guerilla campaign have seen actions of Thai security forces the cause of casualties, most notable being the Tak Bai incident where 78 men died in custody. This has not helped in convincing the local community that the government has their best interests in mind.

14 November

American Indian Movement spokesperson dies, age 75

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vernon Bellecourt, once the primary spokesperson for the American Indian Movement, died recently at age 75. Bellecourt, an Ojibwa who fought for Native rights, was perhaps best known for his opposition to Native names and mascots for sports teams.

First in the headlines in 1972, Bellecourt organized a cross-country caravan of the Movement, to Washington. Once there, members of the group occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs offices. His goal of international recognition for Aboriginal nations and their treaties found him meeting with figures like Libyan Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi, and Palestine’s Yasir Arafat. In 1977 Leonard Peltier was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life terms for the murder of two FBI Agents during a 1975 shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation; Bellecourt led the campaign to free him.

Most recently, he visited Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, to discuss getting free or cheap heating oil for reservations.

His work as president of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media made a much wider known mark, though. Bellecourt emphasized that he believed such names perpetuated racial stereotypes, clouding the real identities and problems facing natives.

Teams with native-related names could almost guarantee on Bellecourt showing up at major games. He twice burned an effigy of Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians baseball team mascot, and both times was arrested. When the Washington Redskins of the National Football League made the Super Bowl, Vernon was there to protest. The United States Commission on Civil Rights was critical of such names by 2001, calling them “insensitive in light of the long history of forced assimilation”. Some newspapers have stopped using the names of teams with Native origins.

None of his “big four” targets have shown any indication of changing: the Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cleveland Indians or the Atlanta Braves.

Post-season use of American Indian mascots were banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 2005, suggesting the names are “hostile or abusive”. Bellecourt was pleased with the NCAA sanctions, but suggested such actions were only going “half way”.

The Florida State Seminole and the Illinois Illini were among the 18 colleges affected by the ban. Florida president T.K. Wetherell threatened legal action in response. The Florida Seminole tribes have endorsed the University’s usage of the name, but some out-of-state tribes were “not supportive”, according to the NCAA vice president for diversity and inclusion.

Born WaBun-Inini, Bellecourt died from complications of pneumonia on October 13, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

14 November

Make That Dinner Out A Special One At An Asian Restaurant In Anaheim

byAlma Abell

Too many people still associate Orange County only with child oriented amusement parks. They think that unless there is a roller-coaster in the vicinity, they will not be able to grab a bite to eat. When you are talking about finding great food in Southern California, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are restaurants in the Orange County area that rival those found in many large cosmopolitan cities.

If you are looking for an evening out, there is an Asian Restaurant in Anaheim that combines both an inspired menu and pure excitement. Ziings is known for their chef created menu that serves up the best of Asian cooking along with favorite dishes of the West. This bistro gives its guests a chance to choose between such well beloved dishes as chicken, seafood and beef that can be shared family style.

Vegetable lovers will appreciate the Buddha’s Delight or Garlic Noodles, while those looking for low-fat options will want to order an entree like Chicken and Broccoli. Everything can be ordered ala carte or as part of a prix-fix meal for diners at your table. This is especially helpful for large families or groups of friends and co-workers.

Their menu also has a wide assortment of drinks to choose from, including imported beers, various sakes and wine that can be purchased by the glass. If you still have room for dessert, you’ll have to decide between traditional mochi and other Asian inspired sweets. All this is served in a modern and contemporary atmosphere where the East-meets-West theme is further explored.

In addition to their bar scene, Ziings also comes well recommended as a late night club for those who enjoy music and dance. Their night club has just the right note of excitement and an environment perfect for social interaction. With a DJ playing dance music to the crowd, even the most adamant non-dancing member of your party will have to get out of their chair.

For more information on this fine restaurant or their nightclub. If you are looking for a different take on an Asian Restaurant in Anaheim or a night spot to dance the night away, you will not find a better location.

14 November

Crossing guard killed by truck in Glasgow, Scotland

Friday, January 15, 2010

An elderly woman who was a crossing guard or a “lollipop lady” has been killed in an accident involving a truck in Glasgow, Scotland. The woman has been identified as 59-year-old Catherine Gibson, who came from the Dennistoun district of Glasgow. At around 0850 GMT on Thursday, Gibson was assisting children in crossing a road as part of her job near St. Anne’s Primary School, located in the east side of the city. Gibson was suddenly struck by a truck and dragged underneath the wheels of the vehicle. The children being assisted witnessed the entire collision.

After the accident occurred, Gibson was transported to a hospital but died shortly afterwards. The truck driver, who is aged 64, was not injured in the crash. The vehicle itself was taken away from the scene of the accident at approximately 1200 GMT on the same day. A person working in a garage near where the accident occurred said: “There were children waiting to cross the road and they were all screaming and crying. They all ran back from where the accident had happened. She was found face down and it looked as though the lorry had driven over her shoulder. She was alive when she was found but died a short time later. It was horrific and the kids will probably need counselling.

“It could have been a case of the driver not being able to see her because the vehicle is quite high as he caught her on the passenger side. It’s not clear whether she gave him enough time to stop or whether the driver has failed to stop. It was snowing as well so that could have been a factor.”

Louise Jarvie is the head teacher of St. Anne’s Primary School. “Our thoughts and condolences are with the family at this very sad time,” she said in reference to the incident. “Support and counselling for pupils and staff will be available to anyone who needs it.”

13 November

Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.

12 November

Oil spill hits Australia’s Sunshine coastline

Sunday, March 15, 2009

200,000 litres of oil leaked into waters off the coast of Brisbane from the Pacific Adventurer when their fuel tanks were damaged in rough seas on Wednesday. The figure is about ten times higher than the original estimate of twenty thousand litres of oil. The devastating diesel oil spill has spread along 60 kilometres (37 miles) of the Queensland coast. In addition, 31 containers with 620 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser flew overboard during the violent storm.

Questions are being asked why the Hong Kong cargo ship was out in seas with nine meter waves caused by Cyclone Hamish, a Category 5 tropical cyclone, as well as why the fertiliser containers were not properly secured. One of the overboard containers ruptured the hull of the Pacific Adventurer, causing between 30 to 100 tonnes of oil to spew from the severely damaged ship.

If the ammonium nitrate mixes with the heavy oil, an explosion could occur. None of the containers have been recovered. Some of these may float, but it is believed that they may have sunk which then may cause algal blooms.

Disaster zones have been declared at Bribie and Moreton Islands, and along the Sunshine coast.

The vessel’s owner, Swire Shipping, reported that a second leak began on Friday, when the ship began listing after docking at Hamilton for repairs. “As full soundings of the vessel’s tanks were being taken at the port to determine how much oil had leaked from the vessel, a small quantity of fuel oil escaped from the Pacific Adventurer,” it stated. The ship was brought upright, and a recovery vessel was used to suck up the oil from the water. The leak produced a 500m-long oil slick down the Brisbane River. Booms were placed around this oil spill so that a skimmer could clean up the second spill.

Swire Shipping could face clean up costs of AU$100,000 a day as well as fines up to AU$1.5million (US$977,000; £703,000) if found guilty of environmental breaches or negligence.

Sunshine Coast beaches are slowly starting to be reopened. The beach of Mooloolaba was still closed following reports of burning sensations from swimmers. 12 beaches remain closed; however, 13 have been reopened.

Over 300 state government and council workers are using buckets, rakes and spades in the clean up effort. Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbott says the majority will be gone by Sunday afternoon. The full environmental impact on wildlife is not yet known. One turtle and seven pelicans have been found covered in oil.

There are concerns that the drinking water of Moreton Island is at risk, as the island uses water from the underground water table near the oil spill site.

“Every bucketload of contaminated sand has to be removed from the island by barge, and each bucketload from a front-end loader weighs about one tonne. It’s just an impossible task,” said Mr Trevor Hassard of the Tangalooma Dolphin Education Centre.

The commercial fishing industry has suffered from the incident. Trawlers won’t resume operations until Sunday evening, and any catches will be tested for human consumption.

12 November

Screen Printing Vs Embroidery


When you want to personalized t-shirts for a business, company, team, group, organization or a fundraiser, then you want to create a t-shirt that is really memorable. By having a great looking design that is either printed or embroidered on the shirt, you will not only have a beautiful shirt, but you will have a shirt that others want to wear as well.

There are differences between what you can expect with screen printing or embroidery. Deciding which one is the best for your project is really a matter of thinking through the cost, the style and design, and the pros and cons of each option.


Screen printing is a very economical way to have high quality printing completed on any type of t-shirt, polo shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt. You can print in multiple colors and you can literally create any design you want from something very simple, such as a team name, a company logo, an actual photograph, or a custom designed graphic placed on the fabric.

Embroidery is a more costly option but it is much longer lasting than even the most professionally done screen printing. However, it is important to keep in mind that embroidery will require a heavier type of shirt to avoid puckering and gathering around the edges of the area, ending up with a more costly shirt and more costly process.


Screen printing can be used over as much or as little of the t-shirt as you want. The cost and the option will vary, based on how much print area is on the shirt. However, when it comes to embroidery, this is typically reserved for smaller areas such as on the sleeves, over or on the breast pocket, or perhaps a smaller logo, image, or message on the front or back of the shirt.

Keep in mind that embroidery is going to be much more permanent than screen printing. Both will be raised slightly off of the surface of the fabric, but embroidery will typically be raised slightly more than a screen printed area. Embroidery is also going to be heavier so for t-shirts, especially the lighter weight styles, and it may simply be too heavy for the fabric to make it practical in a large design area.

A great option may be to use both embroidery and screen printing on a shirt. The major image and message could be screen printed and then a team logo, company name, brand, or other information could embroidered on the sleeve or over the pocket for the best of both worlds.

When selecting between screen printing vs embroidery, think about design, style and cost. To learn more, visit us at www.onehourtees.com.

11 November

Oakland, California record release party catches fire

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A fire broke out at a record release party in Oakland, California late on Friday night. Nine were confirmed dead the following morning with the death toll rising to 24 the next day.

The warehouse, known as Ghost Ship, was hosting a party for the release of the newest album by Joel “Golden Donna” Shanahan. It is in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood, a mix of commercial and residential buildings nestled together. The structure is one block away from Fire Station No. 13 and at least 55 firefighters spent four hours containing and stopping the fire which began at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Firefighters and police cordoned off the block to spectators. The two-story, mixed-use structure also housed the artist collective Satya Yuga who hosted the show and is being searched by firefighters. Out of approximately 50 attendees, at least 25 were declared missing. Shanahan was among the survivors.

Efforts to rescue partygoers were compounded by the roof caving in during the inferno as well as the stacks of furniture, art pieces, and supplies which turned into obstacles for first responders.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf:


Last night’s fire was an immense tragedy. I am grateful to our first responders for their efforts to deal with this deadly fire. Our focus right now is on the victims and their families and ensuring that we have a full accounting for everyone who was impacted by this tragedy. We are fully committed to sharing as much information as we can as quickly as possible.

The structure is owned by Chor N. Ng, who is also the proprietor of several other buildings in the East Bay. On November 13 Ng was cited by the city for having stacks of garbage in and around the warehouse. Most fatalities were reported to have occurred in the upstairs portion of the building where escape was hampered by unstable stairs and miscellaneous art pieces lying in the way. The building lacked any smoke detectors and sprinklers; fire extinguishers were found outside of the premises.

10 November

Estate Planning Basics


The term “estate planning” may have sounded very stodgy and old school at one time but in today’s society, it has become as basic as auto insurance for many people. When considering your estate planning, there are some basic things to keep in mind and a good estate attorney in Harrisburg area will guide you through all of them.

YouTube Preview Image

The first rule of thumb is that estate planning is not simply for the “rich” (whatever that actually means anymore). Everyone can benefit from a plan to help protect and provide for their loved ones upon their death. When you remember that estate planning is not simply about money but about belongings as well, it becomes much clearer. Nobody likes to think of their children as fighting over who gets the dishes or special item after they are gone. A will can prevent most of these difficult situations and more.

Your Estate attorney in Harrisburg will help you understand the multiple elements of any estate planning. These include a will, a power of attorney, a living will or a healthcare proxy (also known as a medical power of attorney). For select people, a trust may also be in order, depending on individual situations. Your lawyer will start by getting a good inventory of your assets and identifying who shall be responsible for anything from your assets to your medical and physical conditions and decisions.

As you move through your estate planning process, your estate attorney in Harrisburg may suggest that you discuss the plans with any of your heirs to help prevent future disputes or even confusion. This can be a difficult task but likely will pay off later on when the plan must be executed as that will be a time of grief for most of the heirs and so you will have alleviated a lot of worry from them by outlining things ahead of time.

Because the federal tax laws change regularly, you will need to check with your estate attorney in Harrisburg regularly even after the development of your estate plan to see if any changes are in order. You will want to work to make sure that as much of your estate is left tax free or in as simple of a manner as possible. This goes for anything left to heirs as well as any planned giving components to your estate plan. Because there are multiple—and moving—components to an estate plan, you will want to find an experienced estate attorney in Harrisburg to help you at all steps.

Get a good referral for an estate attorney in Harrisburg so that your heirs are protected after your death. Help prevent family disputes and legal problems with a good plan from an Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown P.C. area.

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