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If youre in the market for a ride-on toy for your toddler, how do you choose which one to purchase? The choices seem nearly endless, from a battery-powered Barbie Jeep to a vintage-style pedal car with chrome bumpers and bright red paint. When youre in this predicament, choose the pedal car that is best for your child. This is always the pedal car. Pedals cars provide exercise in a safe manner, and their classic styling will last through generations.

Unlike battery-powered versions of kids ride on toys, a pedal car promotes healthy exercise from a young age. It is much better to teach them to get around using their own foot power than to stick them in a battery-powered car where all they have to do is step on the gas. Even if youre letting them play with their battery powered car outdoors, they still arent getting any healthy exercise. Hours of exercise in their pedal toy will keep your kids fit and tire them out before bedtime.

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Vintage-style all-steel pedal cars are much more durable than their modern plastic, battery-powered equivalent. If you leave the plastic pedal car outside for a season, you may find that the sun has created cracks and the ride-on toy is no longer usable. Steel versions, on the other hand, can be passed from generation to generation because they are so durable. Even if your childs battery powered toy did survive to your grandkids generation, it would look hopelessly outdated, and your grandkids would have no idea who the characters featured on the body were. Pedal cars, on the other hand, have classic styling in bright colors that are sure to please children of any generation.

Plus, pedal toys are built with simple mechanics and no harmful equipment that could harm your child. No heat is produced when a child powers their pedal car, unlike with the battery-driven version. Remember that with young children, everything is a potential hazard. Do you want a toy with a relatively large battery positioned very close to your small child for an extended period of time? A pedal car offers much less in the way of hazards that could hurt your child.

Battery-powered ride on toys must be charged for several hours before each use. If your kids already have battery powered toys, then you know how hard it is to keep full batteries in each one. If your child has the energy to play outside and wants to use their ride-on toy, do you want to have to tell them they cant because the batteries arent charged?

When it comes down to it, wouldnt you want to give your child a simple, classic toy that requires imagination and exercise? Battery-powered toys, like so many toys are today, simply arent as authentic as vintage-style playthings like steel pedal toys. If you believe that there is too much technology in our childrens lives, dont add to the problem by purchasing a battery-powered ride-on toy. Instead, invest in the simplicity of a pedal car. These fun and classic toys are sure to please your kids.

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