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31 October

The Future Of Residential Projects In Lucknow Looks Promising}

Submitted by: Rajeev Kapoor

When it may come to real estate market in India, it is usually the metro and tier-I cities that play a major role. However, along with metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, various tier-II cities like Varanasi, Kanpur, Allahabad and Lucknow are also witnessing robust real estate activities. Compared to tier-I cities, many market surveys and researches have indicated higher surge in the prices of residential houses in tier-II cities.

New Areas of Growth and Development

In the recent past, with quite a few existing metro cities reaching saturation point, it is estimated that tier-II cities would play a big role in the overall growth and development in the years to come. Moreover, given the current rate of urbanization and population, it would be necessary that tier-II cities make up a major portion of the forthcoming urbanization phenomenon.

Along with tier-I cities many tier-II cities such as Lucknow has witnessed a rise in economic activities in the past few years. Various industries such as retail, automobile, IT/ITES, medical, education, pharma and real estate are growing in the City of Nawabs and this economic rise is actually translating into improved social and physical infrastructure and civic amenities in the form of wide roads, flyovers, hospitals, colleges, shopping malls, multiplexes, hotels, etc. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for new housing projects in Lucknow as people from neighboring cities are migrating to Lucknow in search of quality education, healthcare and employment and to live a good lifestyle. With real estate in Lucknow witnessing strong growth many property developers have launched residential projects to cater to the growing demand of flats at Lucknow.

Lucknow Real Estate Overview

1) Lucknow, the capital of the most populated state in India, famous for its glorious history and Nawabi-era monuments, is demonstrating an expanding real estate market.

2) There has been a rise in new housing projects and apartments in Lucknow spread across highways and upcoming locations such as Gomti Nagar Extension, Vrindavan Yojna, Raebareli Road, Faizabad Road, Kanpur Road, Sultanpur Road, etc.

3) The growth of residential real estate in Lucknow is also interconnected with the rise in commercial activities in the city. Once a hub of chikan embroidery (zardozi) and handlooms, Lucknow is transforming into a full-fledged metro city with various industries thriving and making their strong presence here.

4) Top real estate builders in Lucknow as well as developers from National Capital Region (NCR) are making the most of the boom in Lucknow real estate market. These builders are developing affordable and luxury houses in Lucknow to satisfy the increasing demand of apartments.

5) In the past two years, market value appreciation of residential properties in Lucknow area has been in the range of 25-45 percent.

6) Upcoming business and corporate parks would strengthen the commercial market, which in turn, would boost residential real estate market.

7) 75 percent of the customers are locals while the rest are from outside the city. In the future, the percentage of outside buyers would rise considerably.

8) 5-6 shopping malls are expected to come up in the next 3-4 years, which would invigorate the commercial and residential realty market.

9) Recently announced development projects such as Lucknow Metro, Lucknow-Agra Expressway, IT City, Cancer Research Institute, Intl. Cricket Stadium, to name a few, would facilitate the growth of residential projects in Lucknow.

About the Author: Rajeev is sales and marketing consultant at Azea Botanica, a new residential project in Lucknow being developed by Azeagaia Development Pvt. Ltd., promoted by Singapore-based firms through foreign direct investment. Azea Botanica offers 3 & 4BHK luxury apartments in Lucknow at a prime location of Vrindavan Yojna, coupled with premium architecture, spacious and airy rooms, modern amenities, and more. To know more about Azea Botanica, please visit



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27 October

Hmo Health Maintenance Organization Basics}

HMO – Health Maintenance Organization Basics


Justin narin

Do you know what a Health Maintenance Organization is? A Health Maintenance Organization (also called an HMO) is one of three managed care health insurance systems in the United States. An HMO is designed to offer financial support and medical treatment to plan members. Some managed care systems don’t offer medical treatment themselves. Rather, they offer different levels of financial coverage based on whether you visit in-network or out-of-network care providers. HMOs, on the other hand, have a system of physicians and hospitals that are involved in a specific coverage structure. If you’re part of a Health Maintenance Organization, you are only covered if you go to a physician within the HMO network.

HMO members pay monthly fees that cover most of the medical expenses they may or may not incur during the month. Often, they are also required to pay a co-payment (also referred to as a co-pay). A co-payment is an amount paid at the time of treatment to offset a portion of the medical costs. The amount of the co-pay varies depending on the specific medical treatment. Medical office visits have a different co-payment rate than prescriptions and more involved medical treatments.Health Maintenance Organization plans also require members to select a physician as their primary care physician (PCP). This physician is the member’s primary care giver regarding all health-related issues and must refer them to other physicians if a specialist is needed. Members cannot go directly to a specialist on their own accord. Not all managed care providers have this requirement. A preferred provider organization (also known as a PPO) does not require a PCP.Why a Health Maintenance Organization?Health Maintenance Organizations are generally more affordable than other managed care insurance systems. The monthly fees and co-payments are usually not high and are an affordable alternative to paying a percentage of the bill like other managed care providers require.HMOs are also very “prevention” focused. That means they promote ways to stay healthy rather than ways to treat illness. Health Maintenance Organizations provide their members with a wealth of medical information on how to prevent illness and disease. They often distribute health guides and informative handbooks on how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. This strategy helps HMO members avoid multiple visits to the doctor for illnesses that could have been easily avoided.Why Not a Health Maintenance Organization?HMOs are more restrictive than other managed care providers. HMOs only cover members if they visit doctors within the HMO insurer network. If there’s a specialist a member wants to see for a specific ailment and the physician is not in the HMO network, the member will have to pay out-of-pocket expenses.Also, since members have to initially establish a primary care physician, all medical treatments and referrals need to go through their PCP. Even if a specialist is in the HMO network, members still need to get approval from their PCP before they visit the specialist if they want to be covered by their HMO.A health maintenance organization is a practical solution for health care coverage. Monthly fees and co-payments are often minor and cover members regardless of how often they visit their physician each month. However, HMO members do have restrictions that could hinder specialized treatment if needed.Before you decide on an HMO, read all the facts. Base you decision on your typical medical needs and whether or not an HMO will be able to provide you with the medical care you need.For more articles on Health Insurance visit:

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Justin has 5 years of experience as a financial adviser; his key areas are loan consolidation, debt relief, mortgages etc. For more free articles and advice visit

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HMO – Health Maintenance Organization Basics}

18 October

The Cost Of A Bail Bondsman In Lawerenceville

byAlma Abell

After a friend or family member asks to be bailed out of jail via a phone call during the middle of the night, a common concern is how to pay for the bail. In many instances, the court will want several thousands of dollars in order to bail someone out of jail. Although the money will be refunded upon the conclusion of the case, many criminal cases can take months or years to resolve. During this time, the person paying the bail will not have access to the money. Rather than being deprived of a substantial amount of money to bail someone out of jail, a better alternative is to hire a Bail Bondsman in Lawerenceville such as Bond James Bond, Inc.

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With a Bail Bondsman in Lawerenceville, getting a friend or family member out of jail does not require paying the full amount of the bail. Instead, the bail bond company will bail the defendant out of jail. In reality, the bail bond company has a credit line with the court that is used to bail people out of jail. In exchange for this service, the person guaranteeing the bail will have to pay a small fee which is called a bail bond premium. In Georgia, the bail bond premium is 12% of the full amount. That is a lot less than paying the full amount of the bail. The fee is a lot more affordable. A credit card can often be used to pay the fee, which means the guarantor may not need to pay anything upfront.

Keep in mind that the bail bond fee is considered earned as soon as the defendant is released from the jail. The bail bond company has completed its service, which is to bail the defendant out of jail as quickly as possible. That is why the bail bond premium is not refundable. Even if the defendant’s criminal charges are dropped, there is no refund. The same thing is true if the defendant is ultimately acquitted of all charges.

For most people, the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to bail someone out of jail is with a bail bond company. A swipe of the credit card for a small amount at a bail bond company is often sufficient to get someone out of jail quickly.

30 December

Advantages Of Refinancing In Concord

By Zhanna Krupnikov

Refinancing is a popular financial arrangement where an existing debt obligation is replaced with a new one under different terms. It is quite common in case of home mortgage. Refinancing in Concord is a widely used concept as it offers several advantages. Whether one decides to take up the refinancing from his existing lender or a new one, it is important that the decision is reached after careful deliberation. One should clearly understand the terms and conditions before putting down his signature. Care should be taken that the monthly payment on the new arrangement does not exceed the existing loan, when you are opting for a longer term of loan. Lastly if one feels confused and cannot make out which lender to approach for then it is best advised that he approaches a professional broker. They have wide knowledge of the trade and can help people in zeroing in on the plan that would be most suitable for them.

Some of the major advantages of refinancing are

– It efficiently protects one from the ever fluctuating market scenario. This risk can be successfully eliminated by refinancing adjustable-rate mortgage into a fixed-rate one. However, it comes with a price tag as lenders often change premium for fixed rate loans.

– Refinancing can also prove to be instrumental in minimizing the borrowing cost. Just pay off your high interest debt with a lower interest one.

– Refinancing can prove to be very helpful in repaying the debts on time. This way one can improve his credit ratings.

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– The biggest advantage of refinancing is the fact that it can be obtained even by people with bad credit history, though they may have to wait a little longer than others.

There cannot be an iota of doubt that refinancing come with all the above mentioned benefits. However, if one does not go through the agreement carefully then there could be some unpleasant surprises later. There are plenty of carefully drafted terms and conditions in the agreement. If they are not found at the earliest stage then there is every possibility that they would cause inconvenience to the borrower later.

Whether one decides to take up the refinancing from his existing lender or a new one, it is important that the decision is reached after careful deliberation. One should clearly understand the terms and conditions before putting down his signature. Care should be taken that the monthly payment on the new arrangement does not exceed the existing loan, when you are opting for a longer term of loan.

Lastly if one feels confused and cannot make out which lender to approach for then it is best advised that he approaches a professional broker. They have wide knowledge of the trade and can help people in zeroing in on the plan that would be most suitable for them.

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