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5 March

5 Possible Benefits Of Hard Pickup Bed Covers}

5 Possible Benefits Of Hard Pickup Bed Covers


Al Bullington

Soft pickup bed covers certainly cost much less than some other types of tonneaus. However hard tonneaus offer certain advantages that make them worth a closer look. Here are 5 possible benefits that weigh in the favor of hard covers over soft.

1. Locking Vault Security

Any bed cover serves to hid cargo from prying eyes. Hard covers do more. Only the most determined thief can get beyond the locked hard tonneau since it really will takes some tools and likely some violence to break into most hard covers. In some cases, like the retractable versions the cover itself is an aluminum sheet that nobody is going to easily get past. Combine a locked cover with a locked tailgate and you have serious load protection.

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2. Remote Operation Available

Now this only applies to the retractable covers with remote open and close, but with those you get more. You get remote access much like a remote trunk with the same advantages. You can open the bed from across a parking lot and close it when you’re ready. All that gets done with just one hand operation of a button.

3. Superior Weather Resistance

Sealing at front sides and back of the cover must be right to keep out dirt and water. Many methods to do that are used and several work well. The best way to learn more about what works well is to study reviews and talk to people you know who own covers. Remember that no cover is truly waterproof, but some are very weather resistant.

4. No Sagging To Deal With

Keeping soft covers tight presents major challenges. Especially with snap closure the challenge is to have a covers that’s loose enough to permit closing but tight so it does not sag. It’s difficult to get both at the same time. That problem disappears with hard covers since the cover is rigid and need not be loose for closing ever.

5. Still Moderate Price Options

Not all hard tonneaus cost big money. Some covers cost little more than the better soft units. For example, folding hard covers often cost just slightly more than soft versions. The folders offer easy bed access and the other advantages of soft covers but at a moderate price compared to retractable tonneau covers or even tilting lids.

Hard pickup bed covers offer advantages over soft covers. If you need security this is where to look first. Though some of these tonneau covers cost far more than soft versions, some models cost just a little more than the better soft models.Pickup truck covers

protect cargo as well as preserving your bed paint and bed liner too, if you have one.

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5 Possible Benefits Of Hard Pickup Bed Covers